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Who doesn't love a good, old Glow-In-The-Dark object? Toys, paint, and clock dials are just a few famous uses of Phospherence, the material used to make glow-in-the-dark objects. Now, thanks to JuulWraps, you can experience the same joy of seeing something glow-in-the-dark with our Glow-In-The-Dark Juul Skin. Keep your Juul device in a sunny area for a few hours and watch how it glows once the sun goes down. 

Our JuulWraps are making a home out of your device in style. Each Juul skin features a perfectly trimmed edge for seamless charging accessibility. Additionally, the glossy, vinyl finish really adds some pizzazz to your once uninteresting, graphite device. We keep the customer in mind here at JuulWraps. Protect your device in style with 


Make your Juul stand out with JuulWraps!
Premium glossy finish vinyl wraps that protect and make your Juul look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish 
  • Easy application 

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