Stay Cool & Save With The Fruit Juul Skin Bundle From JuulWraps!

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Cool, refreshing fruit and the blazing hot summer go together beautifully, just like the Juul e-cig device, and any of JuulWraps' exclusive Fruit Juul skins! Mango, watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry are among the most prized fruits in the world and are enjoyed in almost every corner of the globe. For those gentler types that love the look of watercolor paintings, as well as cute little fruits, these skins are just for you! Have multiple Juuls, or friends that use a Juul like you? Of course, you do! Create a fruit salad of beautifully wrapped Juuls with your pals when you get your hands on the Fruit Juul skin bundle, exclusive to

Buy A Juul Skin Bundle And Save! 

When you buy a bundle from JuulWraps, you can enjoy savings of upwards of 40% on multiple Juul skins! From our brand new Fruit Juul skin bundle to our classic Race car bundle, JuulWraps has a number of skin bundles that match the style of any Juul user. There's a number of styles for people from each walk of life so that every Juul user can have a style they love. Wrap each Juul you own, or give one to your friend or family member and SAVE with Juul skin bundles, only at

Protect Your Juul In Style With JuulWraps 

Juul skins from are the original Juul skin customization solution, and the highest requested Juul accessory among vapor shops and Juul retailers.  Our product is printed on the highest quality American made vinyl in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Additionally, those that live in North America can enjoy JuulWraps with no extra shipping or handling fee. Shop for bundles and save, choose from one of our designs, or create your own Juul skin at

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