October 2017 Juul News - Senator Chuck Schumer Is Anti-Juul!

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October 2017 Juul News

This month in Juul news has been jam-packed with incidents that may lead to stricter regulations on the Juul. Senator Chuck Schumer urged the federal government Sunday to revert a recent decision to delay the regulation of e-cigarettes after citing alarming data that show one in five teens in New York State vape. The nicotine device known as Juul has become especially popular amongst teenagers because it’s easy to hide, Schumer said at a press conference in Manhattan. Juul comes in a variety of flavors including the exclusive limited edition and brand new “Cool Cucumber” flavor and it can be easily concealed by kids in the classroom because it looks identical to a USB flash drive.

The Juul can even be charged in school or at home on a laptop as all you need is a USB plugin. Schumer said that Juul may be even more dangerous than conventional smoking because one “pod” promises the amount of nicotine equal to an entire pack of conventional cigarettes. In July, the Food and Drug Administration decided to hold off on implementing an already finalized rule that would regulate e-cigarettes. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the delay would give the agency time to determine how e-cigarettes fit into its overall tobacco regulatory strategy.

But Schumer said postponing regulation on vaping is a mistake and should be reconsidered. Schumer emphasized that not all risks are known, and some studies have highlighted the dangers of e-cigarettes. Tobacco usage among teens has plummeted in recent decades amid news laws banning smoking in public venues as well as increases in cigarette taxes, particularly in the city. Teens and young adults have turned to vaping as an alternative to help them quit smoking. Schumer said that the FDA’s delay means that flavored e-cigarettes can remain on the market until at least 2022.

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