JuulWraps Has Arrived In The United Kingdom

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United Kingdom - Meet JuulWraps 

The JUUL e-cig has made its way over the pond and has arrived in the U.K. Naturally, JuulWraps is following their lead and is now beginning to offer our product alongside the JUUL e-cig. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, rejoice! JuulWraps loves the hot commodities that come from the United Kingdom. Their food, music, and culture is something Team JuulWraps has always appreciated it, and we couldn't be more excited to offer our products to the U.K. Get ready to protect your JUUL in style with the #1 customization option available for the device - JuulWraps. 

Posh Up Your Juul With JuulWraps 

While the Juul e-cig is the best vaporizer device in the market, there's one glaring issue with the device - it comes in only one color. Aside from ultra-rare, limited edition Juuls, each and every Juul comes in the same, bland, graphite colorway. JuulWraps is proud to change the game, offering styles to fit the taste of anybody looking to add some spiff to their once boring, forgettable looking Juul. From designer wraps to even the good ole Union Jack, JuulWraps has something for everybody. 


Trust The Original Juul Customization Solution - Trust JuulWraps 

JuulWraps is the original creator of vinyl Juul customization applications. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is what puts apart from the competition. Each of our wraps is printed on the highest quality, American made vinyl in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. We stand behind our product and couldn't be happier to offer it to our friends in the United Kingdom. Protect your Juul in style with JuulWraps - the original Juul customization solution. 



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