JUUL vs PHIX: Which is the Better E-Cig Option For You?

Pod mod vaporizer systems have rampantly increased in popularity over recent years. Considering the convenience and efficiency offered by these devices, it is not difficult to imagine why multitudes of seasoned vapers have incorporated them into their arsenal. With the vast array of diverse pod mods available, it can be a daunting task to select just which product you should opt for. Fortunately, in the realm of pod mods, two products reign as the primary contenders: the JUUL and the PHIX. Both yield their own advantages, and this article will serve to examine them and assist you in making a more educated, informed purchase.


If you were to spare one glance at both the JUUL and PHIX, you would immediately be able to discern that both share very similar designs, which is why many vapers often resort to comparing the two. Both pod mods are about four inches long, a tremendous contrast to other bulky, cumbersome mods that you might find available on the market. The JUUL and PHIX are sleek gadgets with monochromatic color schemes, but the former’s flash drive style aesthetic is slimmer than the latter's. The JUUL’s build allows for the optimal inconspicuous vaping experience, as it can be effectively concealed and drawn easily. Its size and shape resemble that of a cigarette, which is greatly beneficial to those like me who are desperately in search of an alternative to satiate their nicotine habit but also wish to satisfy that familiar fixation.

Battery Life

Both the JUUL and PHIX are provided with their respective proprietary chargers. The JUUL Starter Kit comes equipped with a USB charger that connects to the base of the device via a magnetic strip. The USB charger for the PHIX shares a similar charging mechanic but is not cordless like its rival’s. The disadvantage presented by both of these gadgets is that each one has its own exclusive charger, so it would behoove you to always have it in your possession. The JUUL lasts for an average of two-hundred puffs, but with the PHIX, there is no indication of what your current battery life is. Contrarily, one would simply need to tap twice gently on the LED light situated at the front of the JUUL to reflect its charge level.


The JUUL starter kit is supplied with four JUULpod flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley and Creme Brulee. JUUL Labs has also recently debuted a new Mango flavor. The PHIX also has five flavors: Hard Strawberry #22, Spearmint, Butterscotch Tobacco, Ice Tobacco and Original Tobacco. Each JUULpod contains 0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight, equating to about one pack of cigarettes. Each PHIX cartridge contains 1.5 ml with 5% nicotine. While a PHIX pod might last longer than a JUULpod, I can say from personal experience that if you are in search of a fulfilling throat-hit, the JUUL has never failed to gratify that demand.

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