Get Chromed Out With Chrome Juul Skins From JuulWraps

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chrome juul skins juul wraps green holographic chrome color changing juul wrap Chrome is a popular material used for a number of applications in modern days. Cars, tech, and even household appliances like fridges and dishwashers are commonly decked out with chrome trim, or for the flashier chrome fan, wrapped entirely in chrome. In vehicles, Chrome is often used to protect from things like corrosion over time, as well as increase the ease of cleaning procedures. When chrome is applied to the Juul thanks to JuulWraps' Chrome Juul skins, it protects the device in a one-of-a-kind, unique style. 

Got Chrome On Your Dome? Go With The Chrome Juul Skins from JuulWraps

There's a wide variety of people that love the way chrome looks on just about anything they own. Chrome wraps and skins have been applied to things like video gaming peripherals and consoles, as well as the aforementioned vehicles of all kinds for years. Now, thanks to JuulWraps, you can wrap your trusty e-cig in your favorite chrome colorway. 

Go Green With The Green Chrome Juul Skin

Do you have an affinity for the color green? Whether you're green with envy or green reminds you of that cash flow, our Green Chrome Juul Skin brightens up your Juul in true Emerald fashion. Multiple shades of green are achieved thanks to the chromium base of this Green Chrome Juul skin. Protect your Juul in Verde style with JuulWraps. 

Get A Classic Chrome Look With The Holographic Chrome Juul Skin

Holographic material has been used long before its application on vehicles. Mid 90's trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have been using this holographic finish on their cards to juxtapose the ultra-rare finds to the common cards in a pack. Our Holographic Juul Skin definitely gives your favorite e-cig a rare, unique look. Protect your device in shining, color-changing holographic chrome with the Holographic Chrome Juul Skin from JuulWraps

Choose The Original Skins For Juul - JuulWraps 

JuulWraps is the originator of customization solutions for the Juul e-cigarette device. Each of our wraps is cut and printed on high quality, American made vinyl in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Protect your device in YOUR favorite style with premium custom & designer wraps from

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