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Fashion mega company Louis Vuitton was founded over 160 years ago in 1854 by French fashion designer and businessman that goes by the name, you guessed it, Louis Vuitton. Over more than a century, Louis Vuitton, now, commonly called “Louie” or simply “L.V.” has cemented itself as one of the most prestigious and exclusive fashion brands in the world. From luggage and handbags to high-end glasses and clothing, most people in the world are familiar with the ultra-popular L.V Monogram print that dons just about everything the company makes. Team JuulWraps’ love for the L.V. brand is as strong as the brand is popular, which led us to create 3 different L.V. inspired Monogram Juul Skins.

Show Your Love For The O.G With The Brown Monogram Juul Skin

Our Brown Monogram Juul Skin pays homage to the classic print that made the L.V. brand so popular, to begin with. Rich, iconic chocolate brown pairs beautifully with an equally classic khaki to accentuate the Juul users love for the L.V brand. Additionally, the revolutionary L.V logo stamped across the design confirms to the outsider looking in that you are indeed puffing on a decked out Louis Vuitton Juul E-cigarette. If you’re looking for that iconic, classy look, the Brown Monogram Juul Skin from JuulWraps is just for you.

Add Some Pop To Your Juul With The Purple Monogram Juul Skin

For the more colorful crowd, we’ve introduced the Purple Monogram Juul Skin, directly inspired by the deep purples used on many L.V. handbags and sneakers. If classic brown and khaki aren’t for you, then a very different Purple Monogram Juul Skin may better suit your tastes. Of course, our Purple Monogram Juul Skin features the undeniable L.V. logo, so you know it’s still Louie. Brighten up your Juul e-cig with the Purple Monogram Juul Skin, exclusive to JuulWraps.

Rough It In The Urban Jungle With The L.V. Camouflage Juul Skin

Inspired by one of the very rare collaborations that legendary designer Takashi Murakami has done, the L.V Camouflage Juul Skin is legendary. For those rugged individuals with a love for high fashion, the L.V. Camouflage Juul Skin fits your style perfectly. Traditional army camo mixes well with the L.V. monogram design creating a totally unique and one-of-a-kind look. Team JuulWraps thinks green, brown, and khaki paired with the bold black L.V. logo looks great, and we think you will too. Embrace your wild side with class thanks to the L.V. Camouflage Juul Skin, another JuulWraps exclusive.

Protect Your Juul In Designer Style With JuulWraps

Since we all love our Juul device with a passion, the wear and tear from daily use can have a long-lasting effect on the health of the device. Dings, scratches, and drops can all change the way the Juul looks, functions and performs. Thanks to JuulWraps, you can add an extra layer of protection to your trusty E-cig while sprucing it up and changing its look from boring graphite to whatever your heart imagines. All of our wraps are printed on the highest-quality American vinyl available in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Protect your Juul in style with JuulWraps.

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